„Well, my fear turned out to be an intuition. The green eyed crying baby sits next to me. He is restless. I don’t know what to do when babies are around. They are mirrors of all our disconnections. Children never question their realities, they just go with the flow. It is the first time I want to go back to being a child again. To reconnect to all my possibilities.”

„I always believed that all the great innovators of the world followed the signs from one point forward, simply because there was nothing else to guide them once they crossed the lines, nothing familiar, nothing known nothing yet proven. We are surrounded by synchronicity. Maybe magic happens when you start following the signs.”

„I constantly believed in the possibility that people labeled with mental illness are people from the future, people who can help us adapt when we get there. All their hallucinations, multi-dimensional viewing, their rebellion and inner revolutions, their incapacity to adapt to a primitive time like ours, their pain of not being understood, seen, but mostly of being suppressed for being who they are. Some of my closest friends, some of yours.

Some scientists from Switzerland discovered recently 11 layers in the brain and some perfect constructions happening with each decision we make. We know nothing about ourselves. When did we?

This sun can heal everyone of everything. It is so close and so complete. Watching the sun rising always made me feel like home, no matter where in the world I was.”


Last year I submitted a story from the future to a challenge launched by XPrize and Ana Flight on 14C website, a very creative place to explore.

Story Prompt:

  • 26A, earbuds in, mouth open, leaning against the window, shifts in her sleep;
  • 8E, halfway through the first episode of “Westworld”, is slightly confused; and
  • 19A coughs – almost a non-cough as if simply pretending to cough.

ANA Flight 008 then passes through a temporary wrinkle in the local region of space-time, experienced inside the cabin as a barely perceptible bout of turbulence. Beverage service continues, uninterrupted. The in-flight movie glitches, and then resumes.

As the Boeing 777 descends through the clouds for its approach into SFO, only a few of the passengers (mostly in window seats) suspect they have arrived at the wrong destination. Which is incorrect, sort of. They have arrived at San Francisco International Airport on June 28, 2037. The wrinkle has transported them 20 years into the future.

Your story should be presented from the perspective of one of the passengers on this flight, the passenger seated in Seat 14C – this does not necessarily have to be first-person perspective. The story may begin on the plane, or when your character steps off the flight at SFO, 20 years in the future. The best stories will spend more time out in the world than on the plane.

The Tone
The anthology is meant to show how exponential technology can positively impact the future, even as a subtle backdrop to your story. One way to do this is by imagining a world in which all the currently active XPRIZE competitions have been successfully awarded and are shaping the future. You may opt for another approach, keeping in mind that the underlying tone should be a hopeful one.”

Beautiful, isn’t it?

So, I said to myself, let’s give it a try. I am not the best skilled word phraser when it comes to Science Fiction genre, but I have a few visions about the future, maybe not all about a so close future, but why not?

You can read the story on Daydreamer Productions Online (my production website) or download it The voice in my head

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