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open innovation

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We are Solvers is a non-commercial video production with and about worldwide award winning problem solvers from open innovation realm. It is a series of virtual meetings with uniquely prepared minds and silently influencers of our today’s world. The interviews are hosted by me and produced under the label of my newest service DayDreamer Productions. 

We Are Solvers is a video-document with interviews of the champions of open innovation in order to find out:

  • who are the people behind the solutions that silently shape and influence the world
  • which are their winning solutions and how the ideas came to them
  • where are problem solvers coming from
  • what motivates them to solve problems using the vehicle of open innovation
  • about risks and benefits / advantages and disadvantages of open innovation market
  • …and it is also about sending a message to our world influencers and to the target public (decision makers, human resource and head hunter professionals, leaders, CEOs, educational system & universities leaders, creative professionals around the globe/ solvers).

The first round of video interviews with open innovation award winners had been produced in December 2015 and it is available online at http://wearesolvers.com.



Starting with 2016 you can benefit of open innovation award winning problem solvers knowledge and skills and ask for their professional opinion in the challenges you and your organization face.

Check OPINIONS ON CHALLENGING MATTERS section from We Are Solvers site for more information about this unique kind of opportunity.